Who are we?

Finding a worker

Nowadays, it is getting more and more difficult to find qualified workers on the labour market. Looking for proper employees takes a lot of time. In addition, enrolling staff from Eastern Europe as well as interviewing and determining employment details may be difficult or even impossible for the employer. ‘Rowena’ helps to search for and engage workers from the East for Polish employers.

Knowing expectations

Our advantage is that we know the Eastern labour market. The owner of the company comes from Belarus so we know not only the expectations but also concerns of our future workers. Our experts help out even beyond the working hours. The specialists are available 24/7 to help out with the full scope of our services.

Companionate team

‘Rowena’ is a companionate team. We have a positive attitude and we are still honing our competences to come up to your expectations. Every employee, who finds employment at our cooperating partners, he/she gets through multistage recruitment to meet the employer’s expectations.

Different forms of labour outsourcing involve a lot of various documents which are necessary to take up a legal job abroad, including Poland. ‘Rowena’ benefits by its gained experience thanks to perennial cooperation with different offices and consultants. Additionally, our company takes every commission individually in order to satisfy each worker as well as the employer who needs a lot of documents, namely:

  • work visa
  • residence card
  • work permit
  • documents for C+E drivers
  • temporary registration of residence in Poland

Meet our team