Legalization of stay and employment of foreigners

Legalization of stay and employment of foreigners

Foreigners under control
Who are our services addressed to?
To small, medium and large enterprises which directly or indirectly on a leasing basis,
outsourcing or subcontracting, employ foreigners. For nearly 14 years, we have been providing highly specialized consultancy services regarding legalization of stay and employment of foreigners. We have extensive experience in auditing, thanks to which we are able to properly protect the interests of both employers and employees.


The goal is to analyze all documents in the personal files of employees
and other documents (e.g. internal procedures, regulations, etc.) necessary
to assess compliance with labor law by employers and to verify legality
employment and stay of foreigners, which will eliminate the risk of high fines imposed
by bodies such as ZUS, National Labor Inspectorate, Border Guard or Tax Office.


• Continuous supervision of documentation, ensuring timeliness and correctness of submitted documentation for individual offices and institutions
• Security of employment continuity.
• Eliminate the risk of offenses.
• Organizing employee documentation, reducing costs and increasing the work efficiency of HR departments.
• Reduce the risk of losing your employer in court.

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