One-off brokerage:

 • Finding candidates for future employees according to the expectations set by the employer.

• Presentation of all or only selected candidates who meet the employer's criteria.

• Performing formal and legal activities related to employing an employee at the place of work.


As part of one-off brokerage, we offer attractive recruitment rates.

In addition, it is possible to evaluate an employee during the trial period and to conduct free re-recruitment in the event that the previously selected person fails in the position.



Employee leasing:

• Lending employees to the company.

• Employment of the necessary group of people and delegating them to work in the indicated place.

• Taking over all the employer's obligations related to employment, legalization of stay, solving current problems of employees.


As part of employee leasing, we do not charge fees before the employees arrive, and the system itself is based on favorable leasing rates. Through this form of cooperation, we simplify and rationalize employment, limiting the company's obligations towards the employee and increasing the efficiency and flexibility of work in the company resulting from its prosperity and seasonality.





Permanent recruitment:

Rowena will find for you qualified Management, Managers, Experts and Specialists tailored to the expectations of the organization. We provide candidates for senior and middle level positions.

Our structures employ experts in permanent recruitment specializing in many industries. We implement most projects using the direct search method, which is the best and most effective way to reach the right people.


By working with us, you gain:

• TIME, thanks to which you can focus even more on your core business.

• THE RIGHT TEAM, which has many years of experience and competence, which is an indispensable element of the company's development.

• STUDIES OF PARAMETERS INFLUENCING EMPLOYEE WORK QUALITY, which will reduce rotation and also improve productivity.



Elderly care:

From 2011 there is an elderly care department in our company.

Our babysitters are people full of empathy and kindness. Thanks to us, you can be calm that your loved ones will be endowed with care and a sense of security.


Our services will help you solve the problem of combining work with caring for an elderly family member. By using our company's offer you can ensure peace and security for your loved ones.



Cleaning services:

We have a special team that deals with regular cleaning of houses and flats, as well as offices and company facilities, including halls, warehouses and shops.

We value the time and comfort of our clients, which is why we adjust the scope of cleaning services as well as their frequency, deadline and work system to the individual needs of each of the companies and individuals we service.

To meet the wishes of the most demanding customers, we flexibly select individual elements that make up our offer for cleaning the interior of private and corporate facilities.


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